The Rastafari Women and Youth Group started Mapambano Academy, in 1995/6, based at Kuumba Project in Bristol. Based on the low local and national academic underachievement of students - particularly - of Afrikan descent in mainstream schools. We felt that in spite of their abilities our children were underachieving, (a fact that is well documented), therefore not attaining their full potential, which will restrict their "life-chances". In order to attend to their social, pastoral and academic needs, we decide to form the Academy.

The management committee of the Academy consist of a group of fully qualified and dedicated volunteers. Our aims, objectives and purpose is to develop supplementary support, in the core subjects of the National Curriculum (Mathematics, Science, English and Humanities). With specifically tailor made tasks to match the specific needs of the student, we endeavour to encourage a learning environment in which to build their self-esteem, and confidence towards higher achievements, hence better their "life-chances" for their future.

On-going assessment, record keeping and term by term progress reports are the key to the "over" achievement policy of the Academy. This involves initial pre and post testing and ongoing development in the areas of mathematics, reading, writing and language skills according to their chronological age. Accordingly the core objective of the Academy is not just to "supplement" the students mainstream education but to "extend" and take them beyond the levels of "Key Stages" expectations of their chronological age.

Further, in terms of our aims, objectives and purpose, towards the holistic development of our students, the Academy also aspires to develop the social and pastoral care and needs of the students, through cultural and self awareness. This is achieved through Humanities, which provides the cultural input sorely needed in the absence of this important aspect of their development being objective and adequately catered for in mainstream education, through the National Curriculum. Accordingly through Humanities, which includes social and vocational outings to places like the British Museum, Natural History Museum, Commonwealth Museum, and various theme parks, the Academy endeavours to develop the cultural and social values that will in turn develop a higher value for academic achievements. In turn this will intrinsically motivate a higher rate of academic achievements, through encouraging the emergence of a more holistic person. The Academy is having a high rate of success in terms of the aims, objectives and purpose outlined. Parental support, participation and confidence enhances said success.


Mapambano Academy
Kuumba Project
Hepburn Rd
St Pauls
Bristol BS2 8UD
Tel. 0117 9241870 / 0117 9244579